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Preventative Maintenance


Save Yourself Time & Money

It's important to make sure your system is protected and ready for a long, healthy life. Check out these general maintenance tips that will help you take the best care of your HVAC system.



Check  &  Change  your  air  filter  monthly.  Dirty  filters  restrict  the  airflow  to your evaporator coil, which can cause your unit to stop working and decrease efficiency.  Air filters should be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on the filter.  Media filters (located in the attic if your system has one)  should  be  replaced  every  5-6  months.  Most  $2-5  filters  should  be  replaced monthly.


Check the thermostat batteries. Try to replace the batteries in your thermostat  when  you  change  the  batteries  in  your  smoke  detectors.  Make sure your thermostat is mounted level & is 5 feet above the ground. Your thermostat must be properly installed or your unit will not run efficiently.


Keep  an  18”  clearance  around  your  outside  units.  Shrubbery,  vines,  &  even decorative coverings can impact your systems performance.


Clean off the outside condensing unit at least every quarter. Spray your outside  condensing  unit  down  with  a  simple  garden  hose.  Never  use  a  pressure  washer.  You  want  the  water to run clear. Remove mud and debris like grass and leaves by hand.


Have an Air Condition Fund! We live in Houston, Texas, the most air conditioned city in the world! It is not if your unit dies, but when. Keep an A/C savings account setup to auto draft $60-100/month from your checking account. This will help offset the cost of replacement when it is time.


If you can located your evaporator coils drain line, you can pour one cup of bleach or white vinegar down the drain line monthly with a simply plastic funnel to help slow the growth of drain clogging algae. If you are unsure of the location, please ask us next time we visit your home.

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